Uni-T-Fence Table Saw Fence


Uni-T-Fence with UHMW Fence Face


The Uni-T-Fence is a heavy duty aluminum extrusion up grade fence for the Delta® Unifence Table Saw Guide System designed by Peachtree Woodworking Supply, Inc.. It replaces the Stock Delta Fence which mounts to their saw fence guide. You must own the Delta UniFence to use this product. Mounting the Uni-T-Fence to your Delta® Unifence is as simple as sliding the Stock fence off and sliding the Uni-T-Fence on. There are no holes to drill.


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36" Uni-T-Fence with UHMW Fence Face



36" UHMW Uni-T Fence Face Replacement



43" Uni-T-Fence with UHMW Fence Face



43" UHMW Uni-T Fence Face Replacement
16" Uni-T Fence with UHMW Fence Face
16" UHMW Uni-T Fence Face Replacement (1 pair)
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Uni-T-Fence Anatomy

Front View of Uni T Fence

Rear View of Uni T Fence

Overall Dimensions

Width= 2" (Doesn't require fence scale adjustment and                      fence can be swapped in and out with original)
Length= 36" or 43"
UHMW Fence Face=1/2"x 2" x  Fence Length
Wall Thickness=.150"

UHMW Fence Face Opening is exactly 1/2" deep which allows the use of any 1/2" stock (UHMW, plywood or hardwood) to be used as a temporary fence face (burying dado blade in the fence)

"A" T-Slots
The A t-slots are for mounting fence accessories like board buddies, fence featerboards and shop made jigs. The A t-slots take a standard 1/4" hex head bolt or 1/4" t-bolt.
"B" T-Slots
The "B" t-slot on the fence side is deeper than standard to take 1/4" hex nuts. This makes for easy mounting for the UHMW fence face.
"C" T-Slot
The "C" t-slot is used to mount the Uni-T-Fence to the standard Delta® Unifence Guide. The slot is 5/16" wide x 1-1/2" high
"D" UHMW Fence Face
The UHMW fence face is pre-drilled and mounted to the fence. We us UHMW for the following characteristics:
  • The highest abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding impact strength even at low temperatures
  • Excellent sliding material due to low coefficient of friction
  • Self-lubricating
  • Easily machined with common woodworking tools
"E" T- Slot
The "E" t-slot is used to mount the Uni-T-Fence to to other table saw or machine fences. The center line of the "E" slot is 1-1/64" from the bottom of the
Uni-T- Fence
and takes a 1/4" hex head nut or bolt head.
Note: All dimensions are approximate
Uni T Fence Accessories
Uni-T-Fence Accessories Sold Separately